Sourcing and fast shipping of Masks and PPE for healthcare workers in Africa.

We are aggregating demand for masks, PPE & other medical supplies — for Nigeria and neighbouring countries — then working with factories in China to produce at lower costs including fast shipping using a dedicated cargo plane.

The Problem

The world is facing a pandemic and that has caused a series of issues;

Our Plan

Aggregate purchase orders and leverage that volume with factories to produce at relative speed and at lower cost.

Based on current market dynamics, the most effective way to guarantee supply is to pay up front so that factories can buy the equipment and supplies they need, and buying in bulk leads to significant cost savings.

We will then ship them to Nigeria using dedicated cargo planes which would be faster. Order Here →



Surgical Masks


Protective Gowns

Infrared Thermometers



Request Masks & PPE

Request for supplies →. We are taking orders from hospitals, pharmacies, medical establishments, donor bodies, federal and state governments.


SEND places bulk Order

Using our network in China, we would work with top rated factories and suppliers on bulk orders. Bulk buying allows us to negotiate for reduced cost, guarantee quality and quicker lead times.


Ship Cargo to Nigeria

We will use a dedicated aircraft to deliver the cargo to Nigeria at discounted cost and also get expedited customs clearance & duties waiver.

Let us know if your organisation already has outstanding orders from its own suppliers in China and needs help with faster and cheaper freight.

Do you work for a hospital, medical establishment or are you a procurement specialist, freight agent in need of either large volume of medical supplies or fast and dedicated air freight?

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